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Smoke & Mirrors

In Smoke and Mirrors, he shares the story of his personal experience – the backdrop from gang life, to latchkey kid, to becoming a millionaire by age 25, losing it all during the economic downturn and having the perseverance to regain it and grow.

No apologies. Full disclosure. No illusions. Truth and reality.  Thus, is the nature of Smoke and Mirrors.



Entrepreneur – Speaker – Mentor – Philanthropist  
What does he stand for? Excellence—and an indefatigable energy to do what is best and what’s next. Mauricio utilizes his day, every day, to maximize the momentum of his enterprise and to give back to those who desire to learn from his upsides and his downturns. 

How? He studies and learns, he decides, and he commits and executes. 
In the same room with him, you will always rise to your very best. With kindness, he advises. With love, he shows vulnerability. With the discernment and creativity of a survivor, he thrives…and he will ensure the same for you.

Smoke & Mirrors AND Decide.Commit.Execute.



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