In a previous life, Mauricio was a nightlife promoter and the owner of a prosperous ultra lounge in Silicon Valley, The Vault. Always a trailblazer creating his own success, his career began in the nightlife industry and wove its way into the real estate and land use fields – selling, purchasing, developing and building homes and commercial buildings. 


A direct result of his foray into real estate and land use, he co-founded CalPacific Construction while simultaneously building and maintaining his highly successful staffing company, California Labor Force (CLF) that serves the construction, demolition, asbestos abatement and disaster removal industries.  With 6 offices throughout California, CLF employs over 1000 employees, daily. 


Mauricio is on a direct path of achievement, never overlooking an opportunity to create additional wealth, positively impacting those in need and building his cache of businesses.  He recently acquired several Bay Area eating and drinking establishments with the ability for future growth and additional franchises.  Continuing to utilize his creativity and marketing skills as a former promoter and nightclub owner, he has also undertaken several projects involving the production of cultural events such as the César Chávez Annual Scholarship Breakfast and the Latino Leadership Alliance Annual Dinner Gala in the Silicon Valley.  He is also Co-Founder of LatinLive, a mixed media start-up focused on serving the U.S. Latinx demographic.


Throughout his career, Mauricio has achieved great wealth and experienced the loss of it. For this reason, he has always maintained the importance of giving back to his community through financial and in-kind donations as his success has grown. His ability to impact those in need motivates him every day to continue to achieve new goals.  Mauricio's never-ending drive and ability to lead himself as an Entrepreneur is what has allowed him to never settle, always pushing himself to accomplish more.   

DECIDE. COMMIT. EXECUTE.  His mantra.  It's that simple.


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